A Story of Old-Rusty Blueish-Green Squared Shirt

5 05 2010

This morning i wrapped up my clothes bucket. The bucket consists all my wardrobe . I was seemed too lazy to put all the wrapped wardrobe to my cupboard. So i putted all back in the bucket.

Yet i found the old-rusty blueish-green squared shirt. It’s in long-arm form.

The shirt’s just like a piece of white paper, but now it’s already fulfilled with many words, phrases, clauses. I own it three pieces-that’s mean i
own three papers.

Everytime i see this shirt, start with the short arm form and end with the long arm form. I see the whole journey four years past.

The short-arm shirt pictured the beginning of journey.
The shirt’s writing tell me how a group of people preparing every boy who wear this shirt into a man. They never teach those boys to be the smartest. They just ask them to be a fix human being, a man, a leader for themselves and people who surround them. Instead ask them to survive using all goods. Simple request but in fact it’s hard to do. Desperately, not all the boys can answers this request adequately. Lots of the boys quit, they give up in basic level.

The journey continue in long-arm shirt which pictured the end of programs and the beginning of the real life.

The shirt’s writing tell me when remains boys finish they program with a ceremony. The Boys thought they done. In fact they would face the real test based on the knowledge they got during last two seasons. When the heat escaladed, when all the veins stretched so tight, the test already begin. Different persons, different results. The boys are no longer boys. They are finish as men. Yeah, men you used to see-using a formal suit, tie, spread their masculinity upon their face. So where all those shirts? The shirts which their wear before? They keep it.

I discover something, over the stories. There are wishes, dreams, hopes, graces, and prays. Wishes, dreams and hope recent day are in progress into real. The prays and graces which often follow them everywhere they go.

At last, i can’t throw away this shirt easily. This shirts, its patterns, colours, forms, reminds all the evolution and revolution happen to me.
Today, this shirt no longer in use. But the spirit inside it remains in every man who ever used it before.




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